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New! Daily Snapshot Tabular Data Display
What's New In Amzpecty

1 Click!

Show Competitor Quantity in just 1 click.
Nothing can be this convenient!

Works in Amazon Seller Central

Amzpecty can inject icon into your Seller Central Manage Inventory page.
Easy search from within Seller Central.

Check Stocks of specific Sellers

Filter by item condition (New, Used, etc) and/or seller type (FBA or MFN).
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Downloadable Results

Competitor Names, FBA Flag, Price, Shipping, Price + Shipping Total, Quantity are downloadable into a CSV file.

Inspect from Amazon's Search Results

Amazon's search results page is also supported.
No need to copy, paste and open new tabs.

Instant Product Notes

Quickly write notes on your products on Seller Central Manage Inventory.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amzpecty?

Amzpecty is a Google Chrome and Firefox desktop browser extension. It inspects ALL the quantities of offers on products listed on Amazon.

Why do I need this extension?

It is not a secret that a lot of Amazon sellers use the 999 trick to get competitor seller's quantity for a ton of purposes. Amzpecty simply provides utmost convenience to Amazon sellers.

Do you offer free trial?

Yes, just install and you get 5 queries FREE trial.

How do you collect payment?

We use PayPal's recurring payment service.

Any limitations?

1. Maximum quantity Amzpecty can get is 999 even if the seller has more in stock.
2. If a product has purchase quantity limits in place, only the maximum allowed purchase quantity is what Amzpecty can get.
3. Some merchant store fronts(custom store fronts) are not supported. Automatic quantity query may l not work.
4. Amzpecty is not able to provide information that is sold subscription based unless other sellers have quantity listed.

Any customer review?

Amzpecty Customer Review

How to fix Amzpecty not showing results?

Clearing your browser cache most of the time resolves this issue.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just login to PayPal and cancel your recurring payment profile for Crystal Ball Systems, Inc. .

How do I change my subscription plan?

Please email support@amzpecty.com .

How to show all sellers?

Just enable Allow Inspect All Sellers on the Preferences page.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! Please click the Affiliate Program link in the menu of this page.

Is it possible to upload ASIN in bulk?

Yes! You can subscribe to Daily Snapshot add-on for automated daily snapshots.

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Most of the time, we answer your queries within 24 hours.

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